my summer bucket list

With the official start of summer just about 2 weeks away, I've already started jotting down some of the things I want to do, or hope to accomplish. I've never actually created a bucket list for the summer (or any bucket list for that matter) but since it looks to be a busy 3 months, I thought it couldn't hurt to write everything down!

Here's what I've come up with so far...

1 Go to the San Diego County Fair (it's a tradition!)
2 Have a picnic
3 Expand my Zazzle shop
4 Go to Disneyland
5 Attend my friend's wedding celebration
6 Go swimming as much as possible
7 Take my niece and nephews to the Cabrillo National Monument
8 Do more DIY projects
9 Spend a day at Balboa Park
10 Take more photos
11 Visit the San Diego Zoo
12 Donate or get rid of everything I don't want/need anymore
13 Barbecue often
14 Go to Legoland (twice!)
15 Experiment more with design, painting, etc.

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