week in review

We made it! Happy Friday!

What a productive and exciting week it's been. In addition to finishing my taxes, I also won 5th place in Minted's adult party decor challenge AND had my "Plantation" wedding suite included in the new Wedding Invitation collection at Zazzle... How cool is that?!

As I wrap things up around here, I'm looking forward to a lazy weekend ahead. The weather is supposed to be rainy and windy, so I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend than curled up on the couch watching way too much TV!

Now to my favorite finds of the week...

1 I love my new office and craft supplies from Target! Can you believe they're from the dollar section?!

2 I had a few hamsters growing up, so this picture of a hamster climbing into a food bowl had me laughing, and also reminiscing.

3 Colorful and playful patterns from ban.do!

4 My niece and nephews are at that age when they're becoming more and more interested in the weather (and science, in general), so I think they would love playing with this printable weather station from Mr Printables.

5 In honor of The Oscars this weekend, here is a look back at every gown worn by every Best Actress Oscar winner.

6 Chelsea of Lovely Indeed is celebrating her birthday with a fun giveaway. Enter by March 3rd, for your chance to win a prize pack featuring goodies from Upper Metal Class, Ann-Marie Loves, and Field Trip!

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