week in review

Happy Friday to you all!

I didn't want to end the week without sharing a few of my favorite finds. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1 These blackberry butter bars from Bakers Royale... Don't they look absolutely delicious?!

2 I just love this photograph by Abby Powell.

3 This bright and cheerful wrap party, hosted by Bri Emery of designlovefest. How fun!!

4 Wouldn't this DIY gilded Moleskin journal make for a perfect Christmas gift?

5 As a huge fan of Britt Bass's work, I was excited to find these FREE desktop wallpapers on designlovefest. I downloaded them last night!

6 The holiday campaign for Panera Bread is so festive and whimsical. Well done, Willoughby Design!


  1. These are great links! I love those desktop papers and I'm REALLY in love with the Panera bread branding....thank you for introducing me to Willoughby! :)

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment, Emily! :) I've been admiring the Panera holiday campaigns for the past few years, so I was happy to find the talented company behind the designs!

      Thanks again, and have a great weekend!